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Twinlab Super Enzyme Caps Digestive Support - 200 Capsules

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  • Enzymes For Digestion; Made Up Of Several Digestive Enzymes; Formulated To Enhance The Breakdown Of Fats Carbohydrates And Protein In The Small Intestine; Betaine Hydrochloride And Pepsin Work In The Stomach To Promote Digestion
  • Optimal Gut Health With Pancreatin And Bromelain Supplements; Pancreatin Is A Combination Of Protease Lipase And Amylase Enzymes; Important For Digesting Fats Proteins And Sugars; Bromelain Is Also Thought To Aid In The Digestion Of Protein
  • Includes Betaine Hydrochloride And Pepsin; Betaine Hydrochloride Or Betaine HCL And Pepsin Are Essential Components Of Gastric Juices That Assist In Stomach Digestion
  • Bloating Relief; Our Formula Also Uses Papaya Digestive Enzyme Supplements Such As Papain Which May Help With Bloating Relief
  • Twinlab Certified Safe And Reliable; We Believe In Delivering Pure Natural Supplements That Pass A Stringent Process Of Testing And Documentation; Safe To Use As An Effective Dietary Supplement; Does Not Contain Artificial Sweeteners Or Preservatives


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