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Satin Smooth Wild Cherry Hard Hair Removal Wax with Vitamin E 14oz.

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  • ALL PURPOSE DEPILATORY HARD WAX: Satin Smooth Wild Cherry Hard Wax with Vitamin E spreads thinly over a large area of the body for exceptionally easy application. This gentle depilatory hard wax formulation is suitable to use to remove fine to medium hair on arms, chest, or legs even to delicate areas like face, underarms and bikini lines. Effective for all areas while being gentle on the skin. Recommend by waxing experts and regular users for stripping off unwanted hairs without any discomfort!
  • STRIPLESS WAX FOR SILKY HAIR-FREE SKIN: Strip-free Satin Smooth Wild Cherry Hard wax is a delicate, flexible depilatory wax that strips off unsightly hairs effectively leaving a smooth, hair-free skin. With no waxing strips required, simply spread the wax onto the target area, permit to chill off and pull it with a firm move. Spare your time from your morning schedule by wiping out the need to shave or tweeze with the help of Satin Smooth Hair Removal Wax!
  • PREMIUM INGREDIENTS, SUITABLE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES: Infused with natural cherry fruit extracts the Satin Smooth Hard Wax is packed with excellent nutrition, which helps protect and soothe your delicate skin, while its vitamin E works as a buffer to prevent irritation. The formulation’s properties provide additional comfort and lessen sensitivity to your skin while and after waxing. Designed for all types of skin - great for normal to oily skin types! Perfect for brazilian bikini waxing, too!
  • LOW TEMPERATURE, EASY-MELT DEPILATORY WAX: A low melting point has the Satin Smooth Wild Cherry Hard Wax with Vitamin E Hard Wax ready to apply quickly, and it spreads easily over large areas! It will not burn your skin and provide gentle hair removal without a need to wax the same area multiple times! Also, this hair removal wax is 100 % cruelty-free, never tested on animals - proudly made in the US.
  • HAIR REMOVAL WAX FOR SALON-LIKED FINISH: The revolutionary and astounding hair removal hard wax from Satin Smooth is effective and efficient in getting rid of unwanted normal to coarse hair and can be used in all areas of the body. When using the depilatory hard wax, the pores open up from the heat, making it much easier to pull the hair out, leaving your skin very soft, smooth and hair-free. Get the same waxing results at home as you can at a waxing salon!

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