Satin Smooth
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Satin Smooth Hair Waxing Large Applicators 500 Count


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  • WAX’S PERFECT PARTNER FOR FULL BODY WAXING: Satin Smooth Large Applicators are disposable, sanitary hair removal sticks for use with our high-quality waxes. Designed to use on large parts of the body, removing unwanted hairs on arms, armpit, legs, chest, and back! These treatment applicators are the top choice of the seasoned professional, as well as the beginners for seamless waxing experience every time. Definitely, your wax’s perfect partner for a much smoother, silkier and hair-free body!
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, CONVENIENT WAX’S PERFECT PARTNER: Satin Smooth Large Applicators are lightweight and bendable making it easy to do a detailed full body waxing and hair removal on delicate areas - perfect for bikini waxing, too! It has wider, angled edges for an even and controlled wax application every time. Great value as this allows you to spread the wax in a thin layer, and still grabs the hair from the root, making you save more money with just a little amount of your hair removal hard/soft wax
  • HIGH-QUALITY WAX APPLICATOR STICKS: Made of fine quality wood, flattened and smoothened to ensure no rough edges or splinters will ever touch your skin. Satin Smooth Large Applicators are sturdy and do not break easily, unlike other waxing sticks. Hygienically packed and sealed in plastic - great for single-dip waxing procedures. A must-have for hair waxing pros for salon use, regular users and beginners who like to try DIY waxing at home. Perfect wax partner for your waxing needs!
  • EASY TO USE LARGE WAXING APPLICATOR: Smoother, hairless skin is achievable even at home. Unlike metal spatulas, Satin Smooth Large Applicators reduce cases of minor burns and scalds when waxing. Just melt the wax, dip the applicator stick to get enough amount, apply it to the desired area of the face or body, let the wax cool and pull off - easy-peasy! Be confidently beautiful by having that smoother and lovely hair-free skin for weeks. Save time and money from your expensive spa visits!
  • 500 PCS WAXING APPLICATORS IN A PACK: Never run out of your wax’s perfect partner! This pack comes with 500 counts of Satin Smooth Large Applicators. With its large quantity, it will allow you to use it for a long time without having to repurchase them so often! Get waxing sticks that will satisfy your hair waxing needs! Be confidently beautiful by having that smoother and lovely hair-free skin for weeks. You can save time and money from your expensive spa visits!

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