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Oral B ToothBrush Cavity Defense 6 Pack (Soft)

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 Oral-B Cavity Defense 123 Soft helps avoid cavities with its superior cleaning action vs ordinary brushes. Oral-B Cavity Defense 123 Soft has unique Cup Shaped bristles which cover and clean each tooth while being gentle on gums. The unique Comfort Grip is specially designed for your needs. The brush has a tounge cleaner for fresher breath. The bristles reach all areas of your teeth to remove food particles, germs, and bacteria, so that your teeth remain clean and healthy always.


  •   Unique Cup Shaped bristles to clean in between teeth and along gumline to protect you against cavity
  •   It also has Wavy bristles for better cleaning.
  •   Tongue cleaner positioned on the back of the brush head freshens the breath.
  •   Gentle on enamel and gums.
  •   Ergonomically designed Comfort Grip for more contro


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