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Kao Merries Pants Diapers (9~14kg), Size L , 54 Count Made In Japan

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  • Exceptional quality: only top-quality materials are used for the production of Japanese pull-ups. Therefore, the cases of diaper rash or dermatitis are especially rare even through the baby's skin is sensitive. An exceptional feature of Japanese diaper pants – they have no "chemical" odor which becomes especially pungent when diapers are full!
  • Closer to nature: Merries pants are manufactured using only ecologically clean and safe materials which do not contain formaldehyde, phthalates or petroleum-based products! Merries pull ups do not contain lotions, fragrances or synthetic aromas!
  • Reduce stuffiness - one factor of skin irritation: the fabric includes a 3-layer air-through system. The 1st layer is a soft airy surface, an airy wavy mesh enhances breathability, allowing air to pass through to the 2nd absorbent layer, and then air passes to the 3rd all around breathable sheet layer. Breathability that removes moisture and stuffiness is so important!
  • Ultra-soft, fluffy and breathing: air soft surface contains 2 convex shapes - large and small. Large convex shape allows quickly absorb pee and poo, while small convex shape is intended for preventing spreading of poo around diaper. Both side parts are made of multiple fine waves(=convex-concave)! The wavy surface reduces the skin contact area so that it does not stick to baby's skin! Newly mounted on center part's volume-absorbent zone!

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