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G.U.M Soft-Picks Advanced Dental Picks, 270 ct

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Featuring soft rubber bristles for a comfortable clean with a longer, curved handle for pinpoint precision and a deeper reach. Flexible synthetic rubber bristles easily fit between teeth to massage the gums, dislodge food and disrupt other particles. GUM Soft-Picks Advanced specialize in dental plaque removal in areas toothbrushes can't reach. GUM Soft-Picks are great to take with you for a quick cleaning after meals and snacks wherever you are. They are compact, light, and easy to slip into a pocket or a purse and come with a slim on-the-go carrying case. Take them with you anywhere you need a quick teeth cleaning. Orthodontic appliances, implants, and bridges can be especially hard to clean around, but these soft bristles are great for gently getting into tight spaces.


  • Gently removes plaque that causes gingivitis
  • Longer, curved pick for better control
  • Gentle, Flexible interdental pick
  • As effective as string floss
  • Safe for cleaning around orthodontics
  • Dentist and Hygienist recommended

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