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Clorox Concentrated Liquid Bleach with Cloromax Technology, Original - 43 Fl Oz / 1.27 L (2 Pack)

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Check out our new, concentrated Clorox Bleach. It’s the same Clorox product you love, now with more power per drop. With new Chloromax Technology, keeps clothes whiter longer and cleans and protects surfaces.

Helps reduce soil adhesion to surfaces and provides a quicker clean. Delivers brighter and longer-lasting whites by improving performance between Clorox Disinfecting Bleach and detergents.

Some usage directions have changed; please refer to your product’s label for complete directions for use.

  • Clorox Bleach with CLOROMAX, now keeps clothes whiter longer and cleans and protects surfaces.
  • Cloromax Technology packs the effective whitening and dirt-fighting power you love and trust.
  • Now, it also protects surfaces and keeps clothes whiter longer for a powerful, protecting and easier clean.
  • However, this Cloromax technology leaves a protective coat so stains have a harder time adhering to surfaces.


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