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Aristowax Original Wood Silk Furniture Polish 250ml

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Product description.

One of the only REAL Beeswax furniture polishes in an aerosol spray with the highest concentration of pure beeswax. Cleans, preserves, protects and conditions wood surfaces. Brings new life to your fine furniture and antiques. Use Sparingly because a little goes a long way. A new kind of beeswax magic! It is simply the best furniture polish on earth... Aristowax Beeswax OUT SHINES EXCEPTIONALLY without silicones Highest concentration of beeswax in convenient spray container Each fresh coat of Bee's Wax Furniture Polish cleans the old layer off so there is never a wax build up. Provides an invisible layer of protection between your furniture and the world. Keeps your valuable furniture looking like the day you bought it. Have peace of mind: Aristowax Beeswax Contains NO SILICONES NOR WATER to protect your valuable furniture Silicones may seep into your furnitures finish and create a hazy film (blooming) Contains a blend of the PUREST BEESWAX and nutrient oils Highlights the original grain/color of wood, it brings it to life! Aristowax Beeswax replaces the natural oils lost by direct heat & central heating Its the natural way to care for your furniture Aristowax Beeswax imparts exceptional quickness/depth of shine and is KIND OF MAGIC! For use on gloss, satin and matte wood finishes Ideal for solid wood/reproduction furniture, natural interior doors/paneling & wooden block floors Can also be used on marble, granite, leather, stainless steel, chrome, plastic, metal and most surfaces. Highly recommended for guns! Cannot be used on glass surfaces. Do not use on unsealed wooden surfaces including scratches Aerosol container, 250ml MADE IN ENGLAND Sold exclusively by MBW Furniture in North America Due to the nature of this product, we cannot accept returns or refunds on any opened and/or used items.

Do not use on unsealed wooden surfaces (including scratches, particularly on lighter colored furniture). 

Made in the UK 
Size: 250ml 

Usage Instructions: 
1. Shake well 
2. Hold container as upright as possible, 6 inches from surface to be polished. Spray sparingly and evenly 
3. Buff immediately with a soft clean cloth 
4. When the finish is unknown or old first test on an inconspicuous area 
5. For small or hard to get at areas, spray on cloth and polish

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