Old Spice
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Old Spice Wolfthorn Deodorant Body Spray 150ml - Pack of 6


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Who would have thought that the wild scent of Wolfthorn fights less fresh and socially unacceptable body odour? Perhaps Aristotle or talking owls knew this, but clearly not normal people or mute owls. In the animal and human kingdom that makes up the earth, there is an animal that is smart enough to smell like the scariest attractive animal of all, namely man. He smells like a wolf would smell if the wolf smelt like an attractive man. That’s how the kingdom works. So if they ever want there, they first learn how to smell good, with Old Spice Wolfthorn. Old Spice Deodorant is a distinctive masculine fragrance that invigorates and refreshes. For nocturnal creatures who aren't afraid of their own masculinity (and body sprays).


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