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Dettol Disinfectant Antibacterial Spray Crisp Linen 400ml - Pack of 3

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Suitable for: Door handles, Rubbish bins, Toilets, Kitchen surfaces, Sofas, Car seats, Mattresses, Pet beds* *Warning : Keep pets and exotic animals away during use. Wait until dry to bring pet back. Cover fish tanks or remove portable enclosures from the area during product application. Not Suitable for: Polished wood, painted surfaces, leather or acrylic plastics. Not for Personal Use. How to Use: Shake can well. Hold can 15-20cm from pre-cleaned surface and spray surface until covered with mist. Do not saturate fabric when using on soft surfaces. Allow to air dry. No need to wipe. Surfaces may vary in quality. Always test for suitability on small inconspicuous area prior to use.

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